Creating a Zapier Integration

Getting Access:

Our app is not currently publicly available on Zapier's website, you must click this link to get access to Follow on Zapier.  When setting up a Follow Zap, you will need to use your API Key.

Why is it important?

Zapier will allow you to integrate Follow's data with hundreds of different of applications.  No programming skills needed.  Currently we only have one Zapier trigger:

"When a new story is created, do _____________".  

You can trigger actions to be taken after a new story is created.  Here are just a few examples of what you could do with our Zapier integration: 

  • Notify your team members in Slack or HipChat when your competitors are mentioned
  • Send an email to your co-worker when a domain has a new web mention
  • Add information to a google spreadsheet to track how many times a domain was mentioned
  • Send a text to a co-worker that a new affiliate is running traffic to your competitors affiliate campaign.
  • These are just a few examples of the hundreds of integrations you can do with a few clicks using Zapier

Example Integration with Slack

Here's an example integration we did with Follow & Slack. Slack is a team communications app.  Whenever a new story is created about any of the domains we're following, we push the Every time another company in our industry is mentioned, we post the activity for all of our team members to see.  We've also included the Zapier setup so you can see how this was done.

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